At evening time when dark'ning shades draw nigh

And flickering rays of light go chasing by,

When all around glad nature sweetly sings

And seems you hear the sound of angel's wings,

Some one in memory may be brought to thee.

Maybe some one from distant land away,

Of whom you had no thought for many a day.

'Tis passing strange; you do not understand

Why such a one a
d from such distant land

Should step across the threshold of your mind,

Why he to you at this time should be brought.

'Tis mystery when all else claims your thought;

You seek to understand, but learn it not.

Maybe this one has conflict great and sore,

Is struggling long and hard 'gainst grim despair,

And God who rules the thought and mind of man

Has brought him this long way to you for prayer.

Then do not drive these whisperings from your mind

Nor cast them carelessly upon the wind:

'Tis but the voice of God, in tender care

For suffering one on life's broad way somewhere,

Inviting you to plead for him in prayer.

Kind friend, if at morning, noon, or night

I come to thee on wings of memory,

It is no doubt because the fight is fierce;

Then will you bow and pray to God for me?